Bespoke Key Fobs, Stickers, Readers and Kiosks – Everything you need

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You can fully customise your Keyzapp experience to fit your brand, and the way you want to work.

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Smart fobs and Stickers

You can have Smart Key Fobs printed with your branding, and even die-cut to shape, or use low-cost stickers to add keyzapp to any existing fob.

Basic Smart Fob

79p each + VAT
17x50 Generic Epoxy Logo Side H150

Most popular for Basic Subscription: A hard wearing low-cost fob that can be ordered in any quantity.  Often combined with an existing tag or label to enable people to read the key number without scanning.

PVC Smart Fob

From 99p each + VAT

Most popular! A tough, versatile fob that can be fully customised in low quantities with your unique branding and numbering.

Basic Stickers

39p each + VAT

Lowest Cost! A great way to add Keyzapp functionality to your existing key fobs.

Custom Epoxy Fob

Narrow from 99p each

Custom branded epoxy fobs feel great in the hand, and really shine in the workplace. Available on orders of over 1,000 fobs.

Bespoke Options

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We can custom-build fobs to your exact specifications, to give your brand a truly unique feel



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Low cost readers and scanners enable you to read smart fobs on any device.

Keyzapp Reader

£39.99 + VAT each
NFC Reader 190x150

Most Popular! This handy, low-cost NFC reader plugs into PCs and Macs and enables them to scan smart fobs viagra 100 mg pret.  Purchase as many or as few as your need.

Special Offer: 2 for £60 (£30+VAT each)

Barcode Reader

£125 + VAT each

This versatile barcode reader will work with almost any computer.  It is suitable for certain complex IT environments and for scanning fobs and stickers that are not contactless.

Your Smartphone


Keyzapp works on all smartphones, using either the camera to read the QR codes on the smart fobs, or the built-in contactless reader


Managing your keys from a kiosk offers a number of advantages over other methods.  It provides a secure way to lookup and sign-out keys from one place, and enabling everyone to access your key log at different peermission levels.

10″ Kiosk

From £699 + VAT
Kiosk 10Inch Top 190x150

The 10″ touch screen kiosk fits most spaces.  It can be supplied on a stand, or with a bracket for mounting to a wall or cabinet.

12″ Kiosk

From £899 + VAT
Kiosk 10Inch Top 190x150

If you like a little more screen space, 12″ kiosk provides it.  For more information please contact us.

DIY Kiosk

From Free

If you have the professional plan or above, you configure almost any computer as a kiosk, giving you access to self service key management, wherever it’s needed.