What customers are saying about Keyzapp

What Our Customers Say

Alan Daniels, Director, Classic Sovereign

“It saves about an hour a day of staff time, which amounts to at least £200 per month and my staff wouldn’t be without it. The best investment I’ve made in a while.

Jody Chatfield, Property Manager, Squire Estates

“I used to have to search through a key book alphabetically to find a key, now all I have to do is start typing and the address comes up in Keyzapp; it saves me so much time!

Becky Johnson, Head of Property Management, Domus Nova

“We’re all loving Keyzapp I must say, I can barely remember the ‘old days’ when we had to sign out keys manually.”

Tim Hollingsworth, Director, Rumball Sedgwick

Jeanette Squire, Director,
Squire Estates

Graham Steel, Sales and Lettings, Rumball Sedgwick

It is really intuitive and easy to use, I issued a set of keys to a new contractor myself and simply worked out what to do as I went”

“It is important to have a strong brand, so I especially liked the fact that the Keyzapp keyfobs could be printed with our Squire Estates branding.

“It’s great to see well designed software which is easy to use and doesn’t use complicated terminology”