What makes an Agent Rainmaker?

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with an incredible bunch of inspiring people from all over the country who are proving how independent letting agents can not only survive, but thrive, despite today’s difficult climate.

Let me put this into context….

It’s unsurprising that many lettings agents are feeling the pressure – here are the things that we’re constantly hearing about:

  • Ever increasing legislation causing administration (more work)
  • Tenant fee bans implemented or on the way (cutting important income for many)
  • Economic uncertainty for the whole country
  • The threat of the so-called disruptors. Well funded start-ups aggressively challenging our established business models

Many are feeling like enough is enough, and considering getting out of the industry. Others are sacrificing more and more of their own resources to make ends meet.

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Agent Rainmakers are bucking the trend

Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside a bunch of independent agents, large and small, from all over the country who are not just surviving but winning. As I've spent time with them in workshops, I've seen many of them go from the verge of throwing in the towel to thriving and successful business leaders. They have happy, engaged clients willingly paying them more than they were a year ago, rapidly growing managed property portfolios and some are even acquiring their competitors.

So what are these guys doing differently? Here's what I've learned:

  • They changed their mindset. They are recognising their own value in the market place and daring to be different
  • They get the little things right, building momentum and making way for greater change. Many are surprising themselves at how much things have changed for them over the last year
  • They've shared their knowledge and in the process become recognised leaders in their local communities
  • They adopt new, easy-to-use technology that make their lives easier every day
  • They implement simple strategies that deliver big results across all aspects of their business, from team-building, to client acquisition and retention to social media marketing

Above all, they are working together

They are sharing their ambitions, successes and even their mistakes. It may sound corny, but we really do all grow stronger together.

Though not an agent myself, I can’t help but be inspired by what can be achieved when you put a like-minded bunch of people in a room, and I’m proud to call many of them my friends and clients.

To see more of what I mean, check the inspirational video on this page.

Last September, industry leaders Sally Lawson and Neil Martin hosted their first Agent Rainmaker Live event, which we were proud to be part of. We heard direct from agents themselves what they've achieved and what they are doing to achieve it. The next event is in October 2019 at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow. Click here to get on the mailing list for tickets

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By Tim Hill
20th March 2019

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