Tips For Promoting Your Buy-To-Let To Prospective Tenants

Owning a buy-to-let property and renting it out can be a great way to generate additional income. However, in order to find and retain quality tenants, landlords need to put effort into making their rental property as appealing as possible.

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As a buy-to-let landlord, it's important to understand how to best promote your property so you can fill vacancies faster and keep tenants satisfied. Consider the following suggestions to help set your buy-to-let up for success and make the process of finding responsible tenants much smoother.

Whether you're renting out a studio flat or a spacious house, these promotion strategies are key for any new landlord getting started in the buy-to-let market.

Choosing the right property

When searching for an investment property to rent out, location is key. Look for properties near public transportation lines, restaurants, parks and other conveniences that tenants will find desirable. The more amenities and attractions nearby, the more likely you are to attract tenant interest.

Evaluate the layout and size of the property as well. Studios and one-bedroom units often rent quickly, providing a steady tenant flow. Expand your search to include both flats as well as single-family homes. Pet-friendly properties with outdoor spaces also appeal to a wide pool of potential tenants, so permit pets if possible. Choosing the right buy-to-let property that offers features tenants want will give your rental an advantage over the competition.

Getting the word out

To maximise exposure for your buy-to-let property, utilise both digital and traditional marketing tactics. First, list the property on major property platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla or look for online estate agents in your area. These sites attract millions of monthly visitors searching for their next rental.

You also want to promote the listing on your social media accounts, especially if you have local follower bases, and share posts showcasing listing photos and encourage shares among friends and followers.

One of the most influential ways you can showcase your properties is with landing pages, which can include images, videos and trust signals. These are signs that validate your business as reputable, such as testimonials, logo accreditations or reviews. Where possible, factor in location too, by using local geo-tagged hashtags to connect with local renters browsing on social media.

Work with nearby rental agents, as they may have clients looking for properties just like yours. Offering a referral fee incentive can motivate agents to recommend your property. Leveraging both digital and personal connections will get your buy-to-let in front of the most prospective tenants.

Offering virtual tours

Virtual tours have become an expectation for today's renters. Offering digital walkthroughs of your buy-to-let property will improve the tenant experience and your listing's exposure.

A videographer can record a tour while walking through the rental, capturing each room in detail. This allows out-of-town prospects to fully tour the property without travelling on-site first. You can also use rental tour apps that allow prospects to take their own virtual tour using a mobile device. Apps sync images of the property into an interactive digital display.

Virtual tours create excitement and help prospects feel connected to the property before even seeing it in person. Top virtual tour platforms make it easy for prospects to share the tour link with others too. Consider adding a 3D floor plan created as well, which gives prospective tenants an immersive experience touring your property digitally.

Compelling listing descriptions

The listing description for your buy-to-let is another critical marketing component. Craft copy that sells the property's amenities and location. Open with an attention-grabbing first sentence highlighting the property’s best feature. For example, lead with the recently updated kitchen or prime location just steps from the train station.

You can use search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices in your description too. Incorporate relevant keywords like the neighbourhood name, "near the park," or "newly renovated" throughout the copy. Optimising for local SEO helps listings rank higher in localised searches and attracts people in the area who are looking for a property.

Be sure to list all of the property's amenities and updates to convey value. Include the year appliances were replaced, heating and cooling systems, parking options and any storage or outdoor spaces. It’s also worth discussing the proximity to transportation lines, restaurants, shops and parks. Busy professionals want rentals close to conveniences.

Provide welcome packs

Make a great first impression and welcome prospective tenants with a thoughtful welcome pack. This is a useful tool for establishing a positive landlord-tenant relationship before they’ve signed on to the property, and establishes your reputation early on.

The welcome pack should include essential documents like the lease agreement and an inventory checklist. Providing these upfront ensures the tenant understands their rental contract obligations and the property's condition at move-in.

It’s also worth sharing information to help new tenants settle into the area, such as guides on local attractions, restaurants, public transit maps, waste collection schedules and other local services. Features such as these can make or break a property for tenants, so knowing the information up front helps you find the right people for your property.

Follow up with tenants shortly after their viewing to ask if they have any additional questions. Being proactive and helpful sets the stage for smooth ongoing relations, especially if they’re looking to move in quickly. Investing time into furnishing new tenants with a robust and thorough welcome pack pays dividends through improved satisfaction and retention, and may even swing the vote in your favour if they’re deciding between several properties.

It is clear from the points above that rental success comes from targeted marketing that grabs prospective tenants' attention in a crowded market. If you’re looking for a reputable agent who can do this for you and help to ensure that your listing stands out from the competition, the Best Estate Agent Guide is a great place to start. Proactive marketing will attract qualified tenants faster which naturally results in generating rental income sooner.

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By Dakota Murphey
19th December 2023

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