Keyzapp Quick Facts: Beyond Barcodes

What does Keyzapp bring over and above the traditional barcode system?

Barcodes were all the rage in the late ‘90s. Some enterprising agents and software makers began using barcodes to track keys and some of those systems are still around today. Barcodes were just the first step- they make some things easier, but key-based headaches have continued in many places that use them.

Keyzapp represents a major step forward. Here’s why:

You’re not tied to a single computer

Most barcode systems require special equipment & software, meaning you can only use it one or two computers. Keyzapp works on all computers, (scanners are optional) and almost every phone or tablet on the market today*

This is far more convenient- staff can look up keys at their desk and sign them out when they get to the cabinet.

Track every key movement

Most of us transfer keys in more than one way Sometimes, they are passed between people when outside of the office. Because Keyzapp works anywhere, these events can be audited and captured as well.

Absolute scanning simplicity

With barcodes you often have to open up your software click inside a particular box for a key scan – this is fiddly and hard to learn. With Keyzapp, simply tap the fob on the reader or phone and you’ll be taken to the right place without even touching the keyboard!**

Lower administration

Many barcode systems require you to print your own barcodes. This passes the cost and a time-consuming process to your team; they have to open the software, manage a stock of labels, print the barcode (then unload the labels) and then attach it to keys. Keyzapp’s fobs and stickers come pre printed and coded, you simply attach them to your keys and start scanning.

Lower cost hardware

Our NFC readers for PCs and Mac, are typically half the cost of the cheapest barcode scanner. With Keyzapp, your smart phone can scan fobs at no extra cost.

In summary…

Upgrading from barcodes to Keyzapp gives you:

  • Far greater convenience and flexibility
  • No admin headaches
  • Ability to track more activities
  • A faster, more user friendly experience
  • Bang for your buck

What really makes Keyzapp work is the way it enables your people to follow your key process consistently every single time, so you have complete peace of mind. Book a demo today to see how it can help you.

5 Ws for cloud based key management

What, why, who, when and where reasons for cloud based key management.

What is cloud based key management?

Cloud based key management simply helps people and organisations manage keys more easily. Systems that are web based should be quick and easy to use without the need for pen and paper. A process that refines the simple paper log book means people will be familiar with the process, making it easy to introduce and use.

Why use key management?

There are many reasons to consider and investigate a cloud based solution because it

  • will save time
  • improve accuracy
  • reduce costs
  • make life easier

In addition you will gather and use information that will improve the overall value of the service you provide to both tenants and landlords. This will contribute to improving the quality of what you do overall and will make a difference for you, your staff and your customers.

A cloud based application means that people can be in multiple locations and use different devices, including tablets and smart phones, such as the iPad and iPhone.

Who uses key management?

Everyone who has a cupboard full of keys will benefit from using a cloud based key management system. Letting agents and property management organisations can typically have hundreds of keys in their care at any one time. Knowing who has your keys at all times reduces the risk of misplaced keys and the need to search for them.

When do you use key management?

The simple answer is all of the time! Managing people’s properties carries high responsibility and you need to demonstrate you are professional and care about the property in your charge. This is not new as all property organisations have systems in place to do this. Our experience is that these systems are not very efficient, staff often waste time looking for keys, keys are not available when they are required and sometimes the wrong keys are issued. Very occasionally keys are misplaced and more often people have keys they can not identify! Web based key management helps you maintain an updated status of all of your keys with ease, with the objective of eliminating the common key management issues you encounter day to day.

Where is cloud based key management used?

Everywhere with an internet connection can be used with cloud based key management. It is simply a computer based system that is located in a data centre. The beauty of these systems is they minimise the need for a keyboard because key fobs and ID cards are read directly into the system. When you need to use a keyboard time is saved by using look up lists so that information is accurate and consistent. The systems are internet based so no information is held in the office and the information is available away from the office at any time.