Keyzapp Quick Facts: Beyond Barcodes

What does Keyzapp bring over and above the traditional barcode system?

Barcodes were all the rage in the late ‘90s. Some enterprising agents and software makers began using barcodes to track keys and some of those systems are still around today. Barcodes were just the first step- they make some things easier, but key-based headaches have continued in many places that use them.

Keyzapp represents a major step forward. Here’s why:

You’re not tied to a single computer

Most barcode systems require special equipment & software, meaning you can only use it one or two computers. Keyzapp works on all computers, (scanners are optional) and almost every phone or tablet on the market today*

This is far more convenient- staff can look up keys at their desk and sign them out when they get to the cabinet.

Track every key movement

Most of us transfer keys in more than one way Sometimes, they are passed between people when outside of the office. Because Keyzapp works anywhere, these events can be audited and captured as well.

Absolute scanning simplicity

With barcodes you often have to open up your software click inside a particular box for a key scan – this is fiddly and hard to learn. With Keyzapp, simply tap the fob on the reader or phone and you’ll be taken to the right place without even touching the keyboard!**

Lower administration

Many barcode systems require you to print your own barcodes. This passes the cost and a time-consuming process to your team; they have to open the software, manage a stock of labels, print the barcode (then unload the labels) and then attach it to keys. Keyzapp’s fobs and stickers come pre printed and coded, you simply attach them to your keys and start scanning.

Lower cost hardware

Our NFC readers for PCs and Mac, are typically half the cost of the cheapest barcode scanner. With Keyzapp, your smart phone can scan fobs at no extra cost.

In summary…

Upgrading from barcodes to Keyzapp gives you:

  • Far greater convenience and flexibility
  • No admin headaches
  • Ability to track more activities
  • A faster, more user friendly experience
  • Bang for your buck

What really makes Keyzapp work is the way it enables your people to follow your key process consistently every single time, so you have complete peace of mind. Book a demo today to see how it can help you.

Contactless Technology – possible fraud from your pocket?

Contactless payment has seen a massive rise to £2.3 billion in one year, an enormous change that demonstrates how many people are prepared to take on new technology and ways of doing things.  This maybe the way to the “cashless” society that has been talked about for years, they are almost there in the Nordic countries.

Is there a drawback?  Is fraud possible from your pocket?  With contactless you pay for your coffee in the morning by holding your card to the terminal, simple and easy.  How about if someone holds a terminal close to your pocket or handbag, can they get you to pay money without you knowing it?  So I “Googled” Tap and go fraud.  Yes it is possible and surprise, surprise it looks like there is a problem in Australia; here are a couple of reports from November 2014.

Rise of ‘Tap and Go’ technology means hi-tech thieves can now wirelessly pick your pocket

Police want ban on tap and go technology, saying sloppy practices can promote crime

I think the argument is that while this is possible the incidence is so low it is not a problem!  I suppose it doesn’t matter, the thief can only steal £20 at a time!

My wife bought a new purse last year, one that had “RFID blocking technology”, perhaps that was a good move.

There are two reasons for writing this post, the first is to reassure users of Keyzapp that our NFC chips are not open to financial fraud as there is no connection to any financial transaction; the key fob chip only provides the key fob identity to the system.  The second is to remark on how quickly this technology is moving into our day to day lives; Keyzapp is one of the first, others will follow soon.

In the meantime take care of your contactless cards.