Fast & Simple Key Control for Serviced Apartments and Short Term Lets

Complete Key Control for Serviced Apartments and Short Term Lets

Fast and Simple Key Management keeps things running like clockwork

In the fast-paced serviced apartments industry , there’s always someone coming and going. You need fast and reliable processes and a misplaced key can cause serious disruption.

Whether you’re issuing keys to housekeepers, contractors or tenants, Keyzapp puts you in complete control.

Issue and return keys in seconds

Smart Fob technology means signing out keys is fast and simple, it’s easy to do even in a hurry.  Just tap the fob on the reader with your ID card and you’re done.

Always know who has the keys

One click brings up a list of all keys that are out of the office and who has them. Tailor it to your exact preferences so you only see the keys that you manage.

Cut out paper and stay organized

From a single search box, you can get everything you need to know about a person, property or key ring. Report on your properties at the click of a button and export to Excel if you need to.

No training needed

New members of staff can get up and running right away. Think super market self service. But simpler.

Reduce & resolve disputes

Pro-actively see which keys should have been returned, to avoid loss.  Keyzapp’s online log eliminates uncertainty and protects you if disputes occur.

Coming soon: Chase overdue keys automatically

Email and text message reminders will chase keys back to the office, so you don’t have to.