Resolutions 1 month in, don’t stop now!

[fusion_text]Just like my colleague Tim many of us use the New Year as an opportunity to look back, take stock and make resolutions for change.  Not many of our resolutions last beyond week 3, why?

One reason is because we have all had a Christmas and New Year break and the first two weeks back are just not normal, it is only when you get into week 3 that our work routines resestablish themselves properly.  So if you have not succeeded with your resolutions, don't stop, try again.
"Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th." Julie Andrews

Perhaps with a little hindsight and less New Year bravado you should scale back your resolutions.  We are often impatient and want change quickly, something of a revolution, but only discover there is a lot of hysterisis and lag in the the things we do with other people.  The changes we want just do not happen as hoped.

Take stock, reanalyse the changes you want, what have you learnt?  Would a step by step approach be better?  Several small evolutionary changes can achieve more than a revolution, often without the disruption.

We are just starting February, don't give up on your good intentions now.  Regroup, reanalyse, restart and persevere.

February is arguably a better month to start, have another go.

PS Well done if you if you are still maintaining your resolutions in February, you have cemented your new habits, reward yourself for your success.[/fusion_text]

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By william
4th February 2016

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