Fast & Simple Key Control for the Property Manager

Complete Key Control for Property Managers

Hassle-Free Key Management Helps You Focus On The Important Things

As a property manager, there’s a good chance you find that dealing with keys takes up more of your time than you want. “Who has the keys?” is often a common question when contractors and staff are always coming and going.

Keyzapp makes it simple to tag, issue and track keys so you always know where they are. It takes hassle out of your day and gives you more time to focus on your clients.

Add new keys and issue them in an instant

Add new properties and keys in under a minute. Issue key to a contractor or staff member in a few seconds; just tap or scan the key fob.

Always know who has the keys

One click brings up a list of all keys that are out of the office and who has them. Tailor it to your exact preferences so you only see the keys that you manage.

Cut out paper and stay organized

From a single search box, you can get everything you need to know about a person, property or key ring. Report on your properties at the click of a button and export to Excel if you need to.

Seamlessly monitor many key cabinets & offices

Need to see if another office has the keys to a property? No problem! Need to keep the keys for a single property, in several different places? Keyzapp has it covered.

Easy to use for the whole team

Other electronic systems force you to work in a particular way. Keyzapp is so easy for everyone to adopt because it adapts to your process and numbering system. We help you get it set up just right so all you need to do is hang up the keys and you’re ready to go!

Chase overdue keys automatically

Email and text message reminders will chase keys back to the office, so you don’t have to.