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Saving Time & Money - Q&A with Raz Rafiq

Does Keyzapp solve the headache associated with Keys?

“Anybody who’s involved in this industry and handles keys knows they’re a pain – even if they don’t admit it! With Keyzapp, key management is easy and headache-free.”

After using Keyzapp for some time, what are your thoughts?

“I often look back and wonder why we didn’t sign up sooner. The staff love it.”

Would you say Keyzapp saves you time and money?

“We used to use paper logbooks which weren’t reliable in any way. Staff didn’t like them, contractors hated them and they cost us nearly an hour a day. Staff would have to get on the phones calling all contractors close to the end of every business day to ensure keys were returned in time, Keyzapp sends automated reminders so saving approx.. 20 hours a month and at least £200 in time! Keyzapp has had a massive impact on this.”

Was it easy to get started?

“The Keyzapp team were very supportive when we came on-board, and made the whole process slick and easy! It was simple to implement and didn’t detract from our day-to-day work which was a must for us. We just placed an order and within a few short weeks we were up and running.

How has Keyzapp improved productivity?

“From spending an hour per day managing keys to just minutes, Keyzapp has allowed us to focus in other areas and spend more time with the client. We don’t have to worry about keys not being in the cabinet, so we can conduct more viewings and increase conversions.”

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