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Keeping it tracked - Q&A with Jonathan Clegg

Why Keyzapp?

“Keeping track of keys was the bane of our lives. There had to be a better way! The final straw came in 2016 - the postman delivered a set of keys from one of my clients & I could find no record of their issue! We’ve used Keyzapp ever since.”


What do you like most about it?

“Making the process transparent means we stay on top of things all the time, without the need for lengthy audits. We no longer have those situations where someone is running around looking for a key at the last minute. Now there are no disputes about who last had the keys to a property.

"It’s a differentiator."

Seeing Keyzapp in use gives our clients confidence that their asset is safe in our hands. We can answer queries from tenants, landlords and vendors instantly, allowing us to offer a higher level of service.”

Were there any unexpected benefits?

“The easy-access electronic log enabled us to discover that we were being over charged by a cleaning company that was billing us for more hours than they actually had the keys!”

Was it easy to get started?

"Yes - the team offered advice on how best to adapt Keyzapp to our existing process. This made it easy to just pick up and use. They also imported all our data and all we had to do on day 1 was hang up the fobs”

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