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"Now my staff are OCD with Keys" - Systemizing for success

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Tim catches up with Nas from Go Haven Student Lettings, who explains how Keyzapp has revolutionised the way she operates her agency.


Here are a few of the key points from the video:

Nas starts by explaining how she used to track keys, and how Keyzapp has been adopted and championed by her staff:

  • In my old system, I had a filing cabinet with lots of drawers, and would put the keys from managed and let only properties in alphabetical order. This system, I'd used for years because I didn't know what other system to use.
  • Tim told me he could take the stress out of the way I deal with the keys, especially with staff involved. It seemed so simple. We just tagged the keys by number onto a system, and we didn't have to put the addresses on. We can even put alarm codes and various notes on the system.
  • One of my team members was working for an agency before, and her response was, "I absolutely love this system. I'm gonna have to tell the girls in the other agency I used to work for because I absolutely love it. I'm surprised how many properties that they have and they don't have a system."
  • And Layla, another team member, is new to managing keys, she probably would have learned my [old] system, but it would have stressed her out. So I have found that Keyzapp has really helped to onboard a new staff member! Layla is responsible for ensuring that contractors & staff members return the keys and she's found it brilliant.
  • And you know what, she's OCD with keys now, she wants to make sure everyone returns the keys by end of the day.
  • But what's even better, even the contractor gets a text message at 1:00 a.m in the morning if he's not returned the keys back. Trevor our contractor came into the office the other day to say: "Why am I getting text messages at 1:00 a.m.?" "Because you didn't return the keys that you were supposed to. So it's an early morning wake up call to remind you to return the keys."

Tim chips in - What was it you said before when we sat down? You said, "It's really great, whereas before I had to teach people how to use my old system. But now, I find with Keyzapp I don't need to teach them. It's just so obvious what they need to do."

  • Yes - with the old system, I had to show my team members how to use it. Can you imagine having to get keys out which are just colour coded and looking for the colours?
  • So with with Keyzapp, it's absolutely brilliant. You don't even have to show your team members how to use the system. It's like an idiot proof guide on how to systemize and automate the use of your keys on a daily basis.

  • So it systemises it for your team and also for your contractors and for your landlords. So you can actually focus on what you need to focus on, that is renting out the properties, rather than finding keys when you can't find them. Which actually stresses you out, it stresses your team out but most of all stresses out the landlord.
  • So that's a game changer. I recommend Keyzapp because it will absolutely revolutionise the way you operate your letting agency.

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