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Instant Operational Savings in Fire & Security delivered through Smart Key Management

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Keyzapp worked with St. Albans-based Amthal Fire & Security to deliver a low cost key solution that fits to their business process.  Check out the video above to see what they said about it.

Here is a transcript of the Video

Jamie Allam, Commercial Manager: Amthal are an electronic fire and security system provider. We work with our clients to provide electronic fire and security solutions to ensure their people and their premises are kept safe and secure. We have a dedicated team of engineers that work across the country, with customer's keys being held securely in our premises here, allowing quick and efficient access when required for site attendances. Whilst previously we relied heavily on a paper-based system, it soon became apparent that there was a massive opportunity to improve our key management systems and processes as the number of keys we held went from tens to hundreds.

Reece Paptrotny, Finance Manager: We looked at a number of different key management solutions with various different specifications. We chose Keyzapp due to its straightforward approach and ease for our engineers to sign keys both in and out. The flexible design of Keyzapp enabled us to design the system that suits us best. This works for everyone at Amthal including office staff and engineers.

Simon Kendall, Supply Chain Leader: We wanted to clear away the A4 paperwork, we wanted to clear it up so it was efficient, and easier to look after the keys, obviously, where they were going and when they were coming back and making sure they were coming back on time, and not leaving it three months for the next visit for them to find out that the keys were missing. So, it was more getting the system in place and then it was just running itself in the background until something did happen, then it was quickly sorted out on the day. That's what we were after really.

Charlie Simango, Engineer: Let's say we need to get access to a communal area of a site and the residents are not there to let us in, and we need to carry out works under a strict time period. We'd usually come to Keyzapp to get the keys so we can get it done quick enough before any equipment is damaged, or faults could occur.

Jamie Allam:  We wanted to make it easier for our engineers to source keys, allowing site attendances 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quickly and efficiently. We also needed to ensure we had a full audit trail and knew exactly where each key was at any point in time. Overall, Keyzapp has had an instant impact on Amthal, with improved time and operational savings, we've even recorded improved site attendance times. So impressed with Keyzapp, we're now working on a bespoke system to manage the loan equipment being booked in and out of our stores and warehouse to ensure we have the same traceability and know exactly where our equipment is at any point in time.

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