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John Hilton: "Refreshingly Different" Agent makes good their promise of transparency

Long-established Brighton-based estate agency John Hilton promise their clients "a refreshingly different, straightforward and transparent approach to estate agency". We caught up with Lettings Manager Jo-Ann Stafford, after they brought Keyzapp into their business, for a quick Q&A.

What do you like most about Keyzapp so far?

The best features are ease of use & time saving, signing in keys used to be a laborious task – but not anymore :)

What's the most important thing you're expecting it to solve?

Some of the issues we were looking to solve were not losing keys. A key book when you only have a few properties is easy to control but once you grow it can become a headache. We needed more control of who had our keys and an easy one stop place to find the answer and of course saving time is key ;)

Jo-Ann Stafford, Lettings Manager at John Hilton

What sort of time saving are you seeing?

We worked out that we were spending a good 30 mins per day recording our keys which is now down to 5 mins!

Would you recommend it to others?

I would definitely recommend Keyzapp to other businesses. It takes a bit of time to set up if you’re re-numbering keys but is so easy to use and pays for itself when you work out the hours of signing keys in/out and copying any lost ones.

How do you find our service (training support etc?)

The training was simple as it’s a self-explanatory system to use so you don’t have to be technically minded. Any issues I’ve had have been swiftly resolved and any new tags have been received quickly.

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