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Idlewells: Instant key tracking for a busy shopping centre


Idlewells shopping centre has 40 retail units, a library, several plant and storage rooms and a seven-storey car park. Security guards, contractors and managers needed an instant, easy-to-use key tracking system for all areas.

Keyzapp’s solution

  • Instant key-tracking
  • Helps enforce policies and processes
  • Saves time and money
  • Simple to use
  • Paperless
  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Easy to adopt

“Thanks to Keyzapp, we’ve gone from a lot of paper and administrative hassle, to a more secure process. This is how things should be in the 21stcentury.”  

Ian Pratt, Operations Manager, Idlewells Shopping Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield

The Challenge- Keeping track of 150 keys at a time

The Idlewells team managed by Centre Operations Manager, Ian Pratt, are responsible for some 150 keys, which are constantly in use by security guards, cleaners, contractors and members of the managing agent’s team.  With all the constant coming and going, the security teams were struggling stay on top of things, often spending far longer than desired to trace keys that were not coming back on time.

In some cases, a single key going missing could result in costs in the thousands – a significant risk that needed to be managed. Where a single set of keys opens multiple entrances, multiple locks would need to be changed.

Exactly what we needed, without costing the earth

The team at Idlewells were determined that there had to be a better way to meet their security requirements than paper and spreadsheets.  After an extensive review of what was on offer, from expensive biometric security systems to asset tracking software, they settled on Keyzapp because it was the best tool for getting the job done, without costing the earth.

“We were quoted for a £12,000 biometric cabinet”, said Ian.  “Keyzapp has achieved the desired result at a tiny fraction of the cost.”

Peace of Mind and Effortless Control

Thanks to Keyzapp’s ‘one-tap’ key fobs, Ian and his managers can see at a glance where all keys are, 24/7.  As Ian says “In any process involving people there is always the risk of error.  People could go home with keys in their pockets, forgetting to return them, and not come back on shift for 4 days.  Keyzapp helps us instantly know when a key isn’t back and take action, before that key is needed again”.

A new era in shopping centre security

Idlewells is proud of its loyal customer base and for its range of shops and places to eat. Reliable security is essential if the centre is to keep attracting retailers and Ian finds that staff and managers alike are really impressed by Keyzapp’s features.

From keys, to radios and more…

After the success of Keyzapp in tracking keys, Ian and the team began to use Keyzapp to track the guards’ two-way radios, achieving similar benefits.

There are plans afoot to use it as an auditing tool right across their security function, tracking all valuable small assets, such as iPads and mobile phones.

Idlewells is a happier place.....

  • Less time wasted looking for mislaid keys
  • Security team have more time to do their job
  • Managers observe improved performance
  • Greater peace of mind for the whole manging team
  • The process is easy to audit
  • No more disputes with contractors over missing keys

.....even the ‘old guard’ is hooked

Despite their initial resistance to new technology, staff who have been onsite for many years now say how much they enjoy using Keyzapp, because it’s so easy to use. No one would go back to paper.  “In fact” says Ian, “Getting rid of the paperwork has also helped us with our environmental stats”.

“With Keyzapp, there’s no more searching for missing keys. If a key isn’t returned as expected, we know exactly who to call. It has really closed a security hole for us, which is good for everyone. That peace of mind definitely filters down for management & staff alike.”

Ian Pratt, Centre Operations Manager for Idlewells.

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