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Harry Harper - Cost effective accountability through good Key Management

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In this video, Sandra from Harry Harper explains why Keyzapp has been such a worthwhile investment for the Agency and how staff have been made accountable for the keys they sign out.

  • Keyzapp for us, for us as a company has been a worthwhile investment.
  • Many agents lose keys, but we don't like to admit it. Your key book is only relevant to the amount of staff that you have and how good they are at organization and keeping on top of things.
  • Its made us more accountable: I've found even today - somebody has mentioned to me, "Ooh, where are those keys?" ...and they were in my handbag. I hadn't returned them and I may have forgotten for the next two or three weeks if somebody hadn't had Keyzapp there saying, "These keys are out and it still says they're outstanding."
  • It's an easy to use system that everybody can use, and it has the capacity for you to put almost everything in there.
  • When Ben first said to me, about Keyzapp and how it's going to save us time, my first question was, "How much is it going to cost?" 'Cause as you know, with Agencies, costs mount up quickly. When he told me the cost, I wasn't sure if we could afford it but he kept saying, "It's something that we need to invest in, because as we're growing, our book is getting bigger and this is a way of making sure that everybody is tagging them in and tagging them out."
  • So I actually said to Ben, "Well, we already have a system that does that." We use Expert Agent, and there's a place on there to say who's taken the key out and then who brings it back in. But he pointed out that's only as good as the person making that note.
  • Whereas with Keyzapp, they can't get a key unless they login, and it doesn't go back in unless they log it back in. So, whereas before, we were reliant on people putting notes on the system, which didn't happen, now using Keyzapp, we know who's taken it out because they can't find the key number unless they've logged in.

  • And then if they say, "Well, I've put it back," unless they've logged it back in, as far as I'm concerned, they're responsible for changing those locks and providing the landlord or the vendor with a new set of keys.
  • Keys are a headache for every letting agent, but with Keyzapp, you can put the paracetamol well away.

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