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Tim catches up with Daren Cope from Professional Properties in Derby

Daren explains how Keyzapp has made his life easier, especially after acquiring and integrating two new property portfolios in the last year. Heres a summary of key points from the video:

What was it that made you decide to implement Keyzapp?

  • Well keys, as many agents know, are the bane of agents' lives, and anything to improve the efficiency, distribution and the retainment of keys is a massive benefit.
  • We met Tim at a seminar a couple of years ago, and the system looked fantastic so we decided to implement it, and the staff absolutely love it.
  • It's made our life a hell of a lot easier, not only for all our existing properties, (Professional Properties have 1200 managed properties and 800 tenant-find properties which they hold keys for sometimes). But it's also helped bringing in new portfolios. We've acquired a couple of agents over the last 12 months. And bringing them in and integrating their keys into our keys, it's just been a hell of a lot easier and takes out a lot of hassle.
  • We know where the keys are at any one time, whether it's with contractors, or the viewers, it's just made things easier.
  • It's another thing to tick off the list, and now we can concentrate on actually growing our business instead of spending all day trying to find keys.
  • So yeah, really good system!

Do you have a favourite feature?

  • It's all good, everything fits in and I think the logging in and logging out, just knowing where all the keys are at any one time is just a godsend, it's brilliant.


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