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Eden May saving 15-20 hours per week searching for keys

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Tim caught up with one of our clients, Jayne O'Brien from Eden May at the ARLA conference this year to find out how they are getting on with Keyzapp.

Heres a summary of the video:

What was it that made you think of investing in Keyzapp?

  • I was just getting so frustrated with the amount of time it takes to find keys using a keybook, and we were just spending hours looking for keys, worrying if we'd lost the key. Then I saw your solution and I thought it just seemed too simple, too easy, too good to be true, but it was! It was such a simple solution, and it's just fantastic.
  • My staff love it, my clients love it, my contractors come in, they've got their tag, they just swipe against the machine there. It's just so simple.
  • And I was really impressed how cost effective it was as well. That was what I was really concerned about. Is it going to be valuable, am I going to appreciate what it does for the business, and what's the cost? And it ticks the box on every level.

Fantastic. Do you have any idea what the biggest saving for you has been?

  • Yes, I know exactly, because from the first time I met you, I kept thinking about it, like I don't know if we need this, another bit of software.
  • I then started counting how much time it took me. And every time we started looking for keys or going to a keybook, and we worked out, it saves us on average 15 to 20 hours per week!

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