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Busy Hertfordshire lettings agent saves precious time and money


Classic Sovereign manage a large property portfolio, with over 400 keys in their possession at any one time. Director Alan Daniels needed a reliable, easy-to-use key tracking system that would reduce time looking for keys, leaving his staff free to work on more important tasks.

The requirement: 400 keys to be managed

Classic Sovereign is a large lettings agency offering a wealth of expertise in property management for nearly 20 years. With a significant number of keys to manage, director Alan Daniels realised that a reliable key tracking system would not only make life easier for his staff, but save them time as well.


The solution

Alan knew a dependable system would reduce time looking for lost keys, look impressive and leave his staff free to focus on their clients. Additionally, a computer based system could provide management information to help him as well. He selected Keyzapp to deliver this system.

Keyzapp’s intuitive key management system is:

  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Simple to use
  • Paperless
  • Easily scalable
  • Works on smart phones, tablets & PCs

Classic Sovereign’s staff can now track a key’s history in seconds:


Just one tap of a key fob! - The best ideas are always the simple ones!


Keyzapp provides an easy to use ‘tap and scan’ online system. It takes the hassle out of key management and has facilitated the streamlining of key storage at the same time. Any member of staff can now see at a glance where every key is and who has used it recently.

Although initially cautious of new IT, the Classic Sovereign team took to Keyzapp immediately and say they don’t know how they managed without it.

Greater team efficiency

As Keyzapp is used by everyone, Classic Sovereign’s records are now much clearer and always up to date. Team working is also easier, as this information is ‘in the cloud’, and so accessible by everyone, all the time.


Classic Sovereign are delighted

Alan Daniels, director of Classic Sovereign lettings and property management agents, Harpenden

Their new system gives:

  • Instant key tracking: saving valuable time
  • Improved record keeping & greater efficiency
  • Savings of over £200 per month in staff time in just one branch
  • No more disputes with contractors or colleagues over mislaid keys
  • More time to meet clients & market properties

…and what’s more it’s easy to use!


"Managing keys should be a simple administrative process, requiring little time & effort. With Keyzapp it is!"



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