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Fast growing short-stay business scaling up key management to match growth

Airgreets offer professional home sharing services throughout Europe and are a co-host of AirBNB.

Tim catches up with Patrick Blase, City Manager for Dusseldorf, to find out why they switched to Keyzapp and how it has helped:


What are the biggest challenges that you face with keys in your business?

As a professional home sharing service it was important to us to have a good overview of all our keys so that they don't get lost.

Initially this was easy to manage, but with the increasing number of apartments and more staff, we also needed more control over the key flow. Thanks to Keyzapp, we can now easily track the key history within seconds.


How did you manage keys before Keyzapp? What did you want to change?

We used to have small name tags of our employees that we hung on the corresponding key hook when they took keys out of the safe. Of course, human error could not be prevented in some cases and the employees forgot to hang their name tags in the appropriate places.

As a result, it was not only difficult for the office manager to track the key flow, but also very time-consuming, because we had to approach the individual employees and ask them if they still had the keys we were looking for.

Now, we are only a few clicks away to see which employee last used the key and where it is currently located, even across offices.


What led you to select Keyzapp for your Key Management?

The simple and fast check-out/in process via mobile phone, support requests are answered quickly and satisfactorily as well as the easy to use extranet of Keyzapp.


Would you recommend Keyzapp to others?

We can fully recommend Keyzapp, because it is easy to use and very helpful for all companies that value professional key tracking.


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