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After 1000s of key transactions, they've not lost a single key

The Suncoaster Group offer flexible property management and rental management services for overseas owners across the Costa Del Sol. They have been in business for 27 years growing from a small management company with a few clients to managing and renting over 100 properties.

Here Office & Accounts Manager Elizabeth describes the challenges they faced managing so many sets of keys, and why they chose Keyzapp as their ideal solution..


What are the biggest challenges that businesses like yours face with keys?


The sheer volume of keys (493 key rings) changing hands in our company and the amount of people in contact with them (5000 key transactions so far this year) (rental clients, owners friends and family, maintenance  people, cleaners, inspectors etc.) means that inevitably keys used to get misplaced often. They would eventually show up, but caused a lot of stress trying to find them.


How did you manage keys before Keyzapp? What did you want to change?


We used to use a hand written key log but as this is always open to human error, mistakes were often made and at the volume we handle keys it just wasn’t working.

We dealt with more than 450 holiday bookings last year and with 2 sets of keys per booking, plus cleaners, inspectors and maintenance personal, it is easy to see why we were desperately in need for a company such as Keyzapp.


What led you to select Keyzapp for your Key Management?


I was contacted by a company that had software specifically made for holiday rental agents like us and whilst we didn’t start using them, one of the features of their system was a key management system.

I started searching online for something like that which would work for us. A lot of what I found were physical cupboards with locks on each ring. A great product but too expensive and probably excessive for us. From Google I found Keyzapp.


How has Keyzapp brought value to your business?


Keys used to be one of the major causes of stress in our office for staff and now this is virtually non-existent. If keys were lost, we had to replace all the locks on a property at a cost to the company.

Most importantly, the loss of keys understandably creates serious concerns with our owners and makes them lose confidence in our companies procedures – this again has been completely eliminated from our company because of Keyzapp.

Since we have been using it, we have not lost 1 set of keys and any that appear to be missing can be traced back to the last person to take them within seconds.

It works perfectly for us.


Would you recommend Keyzapp to others?


Not only does the system make our lives in the office a lot easier but having a secure key system provides piece of mind to our current property owners and is a great selling point for potential clients.

Everyone at keyzapp is very friendly and helpful and the system is super easy to set up. We now would not be without it!


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