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Whether you are already managing a large number of offices or beginning the process of expansion, Keyzapp can help remove a significant co-ordination challenge.

Keyzapp’s solution

As all growing businesses know, successful expansion brings with it its own set of challenges. In the lettings and property management industry, a bigger portfolio means more keys to take care of – often spread across multiple offices and teams. As lettings and management companies typically grow out from a central location, branches are often only a few miles apart, and landlords and tenants expect to be able to deal equally with one branch as they do another. With the management of keys spread across multiple locations, there’s plenty of potential for things to fall through the gaps if no rigorous system is in place.

Keyzapp enables you and your staff to manage keys across multiple offices and offsite locations with complete ease.

Simply logging on to Keyzapp allows you to view the location of all your keys. Whether you need to identify whether a key is in the office or confirm that it has been issued to contractor, checking online takes seconds and saves calls between offices and rummaging through desks and cupboards.

Centralising your key management system also enables you to avoid issues that occur as multi-office operations become out of sync with each other. A common complaint from our customers is that contractors turning up at an office only to find there is no key available for them, resulting in a callout fee. Using Keyzapp, your staff can ensure that a key is in stock before an appointment is made.

Our customers always emphasise the importance of knowing exactly what’s going on with their properties, and recognise the benefit of being able to track this quickly by viewing a key history. Since keys can be issued from a number of different locations, paper-based systems and spreadsheets start to fall down as accurate records of key history, and it becomes difficult and time-consuming to pull together all the activities that happened on a property. Because Keyzapp works seamlessly across multiple offices, all key issuing and returning records are stored securely in a central location. A single click will tell you everything you need to know about where, when and who had a property’s keys. Our customers report that this saves a lot of time in investigations and it is used frequently to double check contractor invoices.

Setting up IT systems across multiple offices can be hard work, but with Keyzapp all you need is an internet connection and you can have multiple offices up and running in minutes!

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By Tim Hill
1st February 2016

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