Rumball Sedgwick Case Study

Case Study: Easy key-tracking across several offices


Leading estate agency and chartered surveyors, Rumball Sedgwick, wanted an easy to use system that tracks keys between their sales, lettings and surveying departments.

Keyzapp's unique solution

Keyzapp’s intuitive key management system is:

Instant key tracking, saving time
Works on smart phones, tablets & PCs
Simple and intuitive for staff to use
Paperless, improving their record keeping and efficiency
Easily scalable
My staff all say how simple to use Keyzapp is and how it enables them to recognise keys even if they are handed back to the wrong office. As a Chartered Surveyor, I find the ID card invaluable when I am introducing myself to clients and other agents. I think more managing agents should<br /> use Keyzapp.
Tim Hollingsworth, director of Rumball Sedgwick

One system for several departments

Rumball Sedgwick, an established chartered surveyors and estate agents for over 200 years, required an easy to use, reliable system that would manage their keys and improve efficiency. With a sales and lettings office in St Albans and a surveyors’ department in Watford, they required swift access to keys. Finding
a key often meant cross-referencing three different software systems. With Keyzapp, this is now accessible on one centrally controlled system.

Perfect ‘calling card’ for Chartered Surveyors

Managing Director and Chartered Surveyor Tim Hollingsworth also ordered a branded ID card that he could use when introducing himself. He found this so useful that he has now issued all staff with a credit-card size ID card, with their photo and Rumball Sedgwick branding. He hopes other agents in the area will start using Keyzapp, as it will make life easier when borrowing their keys.

Greater team efficiency

Thanks to Keyzapp’s easy ‘tap and scan’ online system, staff can now see at a glance where a key is and who had it last, in all their departments. Keyzapp complements their existing systems, ensuring colleagues and contractors know where a certain set of keys are at any given time.

As a result, the staff feel that the offices are much more organised and they don’t know how they managed without it before.

Their customers and contractors also benefit from a speedier, more efficient service; in fact, Rumball Sedgwick are so impressed they will feature Keyzapp on their website, and are already singing its praises to other firms.

Easy to set up and flexible to use

All Rumball Sedgwick had to do to get started was to send spreadsheets of all their properties and corresponding key numbers, which were quickly uploaded into Keyzapp. Now, each individual member of staff can access the ‘cloud-based’ data with one tap of a key fob, either on their own computer, on the shared office laptop or on their smartphone when they are out and about between appointments.