Fast & Simple Key Control for Building Managers & Concierge

Instant Key Tracking for Building Managers & Concierge

Serve Clients Faster and Reduce Queues at your Desk

Do you hold a spare key for your residents?  Do you manage access to communal areas?  Do you hold keys for estate agent viewings or at the end of a tenancy?

Keyzapp is there to make your life easier, and your customers happier by making your key-issue processes faster, simpler and more accurate.

Serve clients faster – Issue keys in seconds

Signing a key in or our couldn’t be simpler. No pen, paper or log book required. The whole process takes a matter of seconds.

Answer any question without hassle

With a full history for any key ring, person or apartment, you’ll be able to instantly tell a resident when the cleaner came and went, or who has the keys to the gym.

No training needed for temporary staff

New members of staff can get up and running right away. Issuing and returning keys is simpler than supermarket self-service.

Reduce & resolve disputes

Pro-actively see which keys should have been returned, to avoid loss.  Keyzapp’s online log eliminates uncertainty and protects you if disputes occur.

Eliminate paper and clutter

Save space on or under the desk, by getting rid of that cumbersome log book.

Total management control

Always know who was on duty when a key was issued and who received it back into the office. Track key movement across buildings from a central office.