Combating the August Myth: It’s ANYTHING BUT a quiet month

August is a time for holiday and relaxing, right?  Then why is it that everyone I speak to at the moment is stressed?  There’s a “received wisdom” out there that businesses in the Northern Hemisphere generally shut down over August, and it simply isn’t true in a lot of cases.  The problem with received wisdom like this is that it can often mean that we subconsciously relax, and drift into August, only to find it’s a super busy month.

Here are some thoughts on what makes August a unique month in the business calendar, and what that means for the way we approach the summer. Continue reading “Combating the August Myth: It’s ANYTHING BUT a quiet month”

Free Tickets to ARLA Exhibition 2016 – Excel London

If you’re looking improve an aspect of your lettings or property management business, the new-look ARLA Exhibition on 12th April in London’s Excel Centre is a must-attend event.  This year, for the first time, the exhibition is free and open to all, with over 75 exhibitors covering all aspects of the property industry.
Check out the list of exhibitors here >>>

The exhibition accompanies the annual conference of the largest industry body, the Association of Residential Letting Agents. Since you don’t need to be a member of ARLA to attend, you can benefit by networking with your peers and seeing what others are up to in the Private Rental Sector. Continue reading “Free Tickets to ARLA Exhibition 2016 – Excel London”

Resolutions 1 month in, don’t stop now!

[fusion_text]Just like my colleague Tim many of us use the New Year as an opportunity to look back, take stock and make resolutions for change.  Not many of our resolutions last beyond week 3, why?

One reason is because we have all had a Christmas and New Year break and the first two weeks back are just not normal, it is only when you get into week 3 that our work routines resestablish themselves properly.  So if you have not succeeded with your resolutions, don’t stop, try again.
“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” Julie Andrews Continue reading “Resolutions 1 month in, don’t stop now!”

Centralise Key Management


Whether you are already managing a large number of offices or beginning the process of expansion, Keyzapp can help remove a significant co-ordination challenge.

Keyzapp’s solution

As all growing businesses know, successful expansion brings with it its own set of challenges. In the lettings and property management industry, a bigger portfolio means more keys to take care of – often spread across multiple offices and teams. As lettings and management companies typically grow out from a central location, branches are often only a few miles apart, and landlords and tenants expect to be able to deal equally with one branch as they do another. With the management of keys spread across multiple locations, there’s plenty of potential for things to fall through the gaps if no rigorous system is in place.

Keyzapp enables you and your staff to manage keys across multiple offices and offsite locations with complete ease.

Simply logging on to Keyzapp allows you to view the location of all your keys. Whether you need to identify whether a key is in the office or confirm that it has been issued to contractor, checking online takes seconds and saves calls between offices and rummaging through desks and cupboards.

Centralising your key management system also enables you to avoid issues that occur as multi-office operations become out of sync with each other. A common complaint from our customers is that contractors turning up at an office only to find there is no key available for them, resulting in a callout fee. Using Keyzapp, your staff can ensure that a key is in stock before an appointment is made.

Our customers always emphasise the importance of knowing exactly what’s going on with their properties, and recognise the benefit of being able to track this quickly by viewing a key history. Since keys can be issued from a number of different locations, paper-based systems and spreadsheets start to fall down as accurate records of key history, and it becomes difficult and time-consuming to pull together all the activities that happened on a property. Because Keyzapp works seamlessly across multiple offices, all key issuing and returning records are stored securely in a central location. A single click will tell you everything you need to know about where, when and who had a property’s keys. Our customers report that this saves a lot of time in investigations and it is used frequently to double check contractor invoices.

Setting up IT systems across multiple offices can be hard work, but with Keyzapp all you need is an internet connection and you can have multiple offices up and running in minutes!

The easiest way to attach keys to key rings

Here’s a life-saving (or at least nail-saving!) tip for anyone who has to regularly attach keys or key fobs to key rings.

When building demonstration kits for our Key Management Software, we couldn’t believe there was no fast, simple method for attaching key rings to key fobs.  The best we had come up with was using a small flat, screwdriver to lever the ring open and then insert the key or fob.  Then we found this YouTube video, which shows that the humble staple remover has the answer! Continue reading “The easiest way to attach keys to key rings”


Stay on top of the little things: My one & only New Year’s resolution

Samuel Johnson wrote that “It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery and as much happiness as possible”.

If you are anything like me, you and your staff may well have just spent a considerable amount of time catching-up on a whole number of little things that you never got round to during the year. Like me, you might also be vowing to do more of it as you go along next year. Continue reading “Stay on top of the little things: My one & only New Year’s resolution”

2016 – Customer-led Lettings Success

A few weeks before Christmas, the Keyzapp team attended The Negotiator Conference in London, one of the largest annual forums for those working in the sales and lettings industry.

While the debate about the strengths of traditional versus online agencies burnt on, the clear success message was about customer service.

We were not only there to demonstrate the benefits of our Key Management System; we were there to listen and learn from those who have and continue to innovate and lead the sales and lettings industry. Continue reading “2016 – Customer-led Lettings Success”

7 great insights from Innocent Drinks CEO (with thoughts for the property industry)

For me, the stand-out speaker at yesterday’s Future Decoded event in London was the first- Richard Reed, CEO of Innocent Drinks. Richard focussed on creating high-performing teams through staff and customer engagement. Given his company’s massive 94% engagement score (which compares to a UK average of just 17%), this is something he clearly knows a lot about. As Richard spoke, I couldn’t help relating some of what he was saying to our own property industry, where staff turnover is often high, competition is fierce and having the right people, all of them engaged and motivated, is a major competitive advantage.
Here’s what I took away: Continue reading “7 great insights from Innocent Drinks CEO (with thoughts for the property industry)”

Are we suggesting that our customers move ‘Half a World Away’ or is this just John Lewis?!

Deck your halls folks. The John Lewis Christmas TV ad is out! The soundtrack is beautiful. The art direction stunning. The message? Is it clear?

Are they telling me that they can sell us telescopes powerful enough to see and interact with the man on the moon? That I’ll never be happy in this old town of mine? That the world we have is not enough? Continue reading “Are we suggesting that our customers move ‘Half a World Away’ or is this just John Lewis?!”


Minimising Risk and Maximising Potential – 5 highlights from the GLM conference 2015

Professional agencies stand ready to meet the challenges of industry change.

The theme of this year’s conference was Minimising Risk and Maximising Potential.  As many would have expected, discussions homed in on the imminent changes to lettings legislation taking hold in October.  Particular hot topics were Section 21, Immigration and the Right to Rent, Smoke Alarms and Legionnaires Disease.  Whilst the industry as a whole is struggling to get to grips with the change, the members of the professional bodies seem confident of achieving compliance from day one, and ready to advise landlords of their new responsibilities. Continue reading “Minimising Risk and Maximising Potential – 5 highlights from the GLM conference 2015”