20 minutes a day productivity increase?

Not much, but this soon adds up to over 75 hours a year, that is 2 whole weeks over a year. I mention this because this week’s news has started with “UK firms’ hiring intentions ‘sky high’ but concerns persist over productivity, the French and the Germans are significantly more productive than us! This is probably not a great concern to the Letting Industry because we are not competing with them directly, but increased productivity is still important because your margins continue to be squeezed and you need to achieve more from what you have.

The story does not stop at productivity because you also need to consider improved quality and efficiency, hence business automation tools have an increasing role to play. These tools can help you improve productivity, quality and efficiency without taking on new staff, making your business more competitive and secure.

Yes you can save 20 minutes a day (some of our customers tell us more than 30) but you also achieve greater quality through fewer errors and accurate up to date information. What is more this is simply achieved through the introduction of a better key management process like Keyzapp.

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By william
13th April 2015

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