Fast, simple sign-out and tracking for people always on the go

When you’re rushing out of the office for a viewing, signing keys in and out is often the last thing on your mind. Finding the keys, signing the book, or clicking though software just takes too long. With Keyzapp it takes no time at all to sign out keys, and the electronic log means you know where your keys are all the time.

Simple sign-out in seconds

Smart Fob technology means signing out keys is fast and simple, it’s easy to do even in a hurry.  Just tap the fob on the reader with your ID card and you’re done.

Instantly find keys

Optimised for rapid searching, you can look up property keys from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Check the keys are in the office before you promise that viewing!

Keep your lone workers safe

Show your staff you care, by checking who’s been out of the office longer than expected, and take action to ensure they are ok.

Track viewings

Your electronic key log will show you exactly how many times a property has been viewed, helping you track sales performance.

Promote your brand

With high quality smart fob designs tailored to your brand, you can brand increase awareness and promote your professional image.

Text reminders

Email and text message reminders will chase keys back to the office automatically, so you don’t have to.

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