Key Tracking with Keyzapp: How it Works

Keyzapp makes it quick and easy to keep track of your keys, here’s how.

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1. Signing out keys

Search for a property,sign out the keys and assign them.
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2. Signing in keys

Sign the keys back to your office.
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3. Check which keys are signed out

One-click reporting on all key activity
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Finding and signing out the keys

Step 1

Search for the property address and select it from the list.

Keyzapp narrows the search, so it takes about 3 key strokes to find the right property.

Keyzapp tells you where to find the keys in the key cupboard.

Step 2

Fetch the key ring and scan the key fob to tell Keyzapp you are signing out the key.

The process shows you what you need to do, and helps ensure all the steps are complete.

Step 3

Scan the ID card to assign the keys.

If there is no ID card, you can look up in the same way as in step 1.


Done! Your keys are now assigned.

Signing the keys back in

Step 1

Return the keys to the office, tap them on the reader.

You don’t even need to open Keyzapp, it opens as soon as it detects the keys.

Click to accept the sign-in.

Done! Your keys are signed in.

Check which keys are signed out

Step 1

Simply selecting Keyrings in the menu will show you a list of all currently signed out keys

In one click, you will be able to see which keys are currently out of the office, and when they are due back.  You can filter on different offices and key cabinets if you need to.

Done! In one click, you know who has all your keys

There are also advanced reports such as:

  • See your full audit history of sign-in and sign-outs (can be filtered by date range and office/cabinet)
  • See all keys a person currently has signed out and the history of all the keys they have had
  • See the keys currently signed out for each property, and the full audit history
  • See keys that have been signed out to tenants

You can export all our reports to Excel, so that you can print or analyse the data

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