Use of a web based application

Keyzapp is web based, allowing you to manage and trace your keys anywhere, from any device.

The interface is simple to use and adjusts depending on PC, tablet and mobile use. Keyzapp is browser based with no need to install or maintain server equipment or software in your office.

The system is available 24 hours a day; this means there is no restriction to the signing in and out of keys.  As long as people have access to a key they can record changes of ownership through a simple signing process.

If you have multiple offices and want to set a common standard across your offices for key control, you should consider Keyzapp to help ensure the same robust process is used in every business location.

Keyzapp is a true cloud solution that ensures your information is backed up and secure.

To make key fobs individual to your business you have the option to have them printed with your business brand.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlimited 24 hour remote access on any device
  • Instant and reliable backup to a datacentre
  • Browser based, no office server software required

See for yourself how Keyzapp utilises the latest web technology that can benefit your business with a free trial.

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