Information security

Security is important both for communication and for data collected and stored.

Each key fob and user has a unique ID; this is a random ID that the system uses to associate information to key fobs and users.  All communication with the system is over an encrypted HTTPS protocol so that information cannot be intercepted and used by others.

Users can be assigned different permission controls at the point of initial set-up.

When users need to log on to the system they need to enter a personal password.  Outside of the office key holders are only able to obtain information on keys in their possession. Once the key is returned to the office they no longer have access to the information.  All information is secure and protected and access is only given when it is needed.

The data collected is stored in a datacentre database that is secure and backed up.

To make key fobs individual to your business you have the option to have them printed with your business brand.

Key Benefits:

  • Securely stored data
  • Safe permission control of users
  • Encrypted HTTPS

To ask any questions about the security of Keyzapp, please give us a call an we will be happy to talk you through how it works.

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