Accurate reporting

Keyzapp provides comprehensive reporting from the information stored in the database.

There are a number of standard reports that users have, typically to list the keys and their owners that need to be returned.  The Admin user can also have reports showing the history of keys, properties and key owners.  Additional reports can be requested.

When out of the office people can only view information about the keys they have in their possession.

Everyone who signs out a key is recorded on the system as the key owner.  They can view the key details on their mobile phone for the time the key is signed out and in their possession.  Once the key is returned the information is no longer available, however an audit trail is created as the information is recorded in the database.

Simple and powerful search allows office users to quickly identify the right information and the keys they need to issue.

In organisations with multiple offices admin users at each of the offices can see information on other offices if required.  This enables centralised booking of keys, typically if the service management team is located in one place but deals with properties and keys based in other offices.

Whatever your current system is for managing keys and properties, Keyzapp can work with you.  A data import option is available and where necessary information can be passed to other systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful search facility
  • Keeps valuable historical information
  • Simple reports

To see the reports available, contact us for a free trial. You will see how quick and easy the interface is to use.

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