Real time tracking

Keyzapp works in real time telling you who has your keys.

Keyzapp provides a simple system that monitors and controls the complete key sign in and sign out process.  Key owners are known at all times with data being recorded the moment the key is scanned.

The art of managing keys is knowing who has ownership at all times. When keys are assigned for short term use the objective is to make sure they are returned to the key cabinet as soon as they are no longer needed.  The longer people have a key they are not using the higher the risk of the key being misplaced or lost.

The Keyzapp system is the most efficient way to record detailed information in real-time.

Key owners can be contacted by text, email and phone if you need to get information to them.

To make key fobs individual to your business you have the option to have them printed with your business brand.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant real-time information
  • Know who has your keys
  • Email or text tracking available

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